Cleaning Tips

Sweep, dust, mop or vacuum regularly using a wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Occasionally clean your hardwood floor with a well-squeezed damp mop and hardwood and laminate floor cleaner. 

Make sure that you DO NOT use ammonia-based cleaners, wax-based products, detergents, bleaches, polishes, abrasive or oil based cleaning soaps, or acidic materials as cleaning agents.

Floor Protection

Be sure to wipe up spills straight away. If you will be moving appliances or heavy furniture over your floors be sure to lay a plywood panel or similar floor protector and walk the item across it to prevent scuffs and tears. Consider using doormats at your home's entrances to collect dirt and moisture to avoid it being tracked onto the floor. 

A good idea if appropriate to the look and style of your home is to place area rugs with a slip-resistant backing in front of kitchen sinks and within high traffic areas. However you SHOULD NOT use rubber, foam backed, or plastic mats as they could discolour your floor.

Make sure that your pet's nails are trimmed to prevent scratches and use furniture leg protector pads under all furniture legs. Consider replacing hard, narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers. Try to avoid direct sunlight on your floor.

Avoid wearing shoes with spiked heels or heel taps on your hardwood floor. Consider removing shoes at the door to avoid potentially dragging in sharp objects in your shoe treads. 

Routine Care and Maintenance

Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Wipe up spills or spots with a damp cloth or swivel-head mop with terrycloth cover and a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner.

Large areas can be cleaned by misting a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner on the area and wiping until clean and dry with a soft towel or swivel-head mop. As needed, coat the floor to bring back the gloss to the desired level.

Quick Fixes

Spills and Tracked-in Dirt

Make sure you clean immediately. Then apply a hardwood  and laminate floor cleaner lightly to the surface and wipe with a sponge mop or a soft cloth. Excess cleaner that does not evaporate immediately should be dried with a clean towel. No need to rinse.

Spots Resulting from Food, Water or Animals

Use a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner with a clean, soft cloth. Rub the area to remove the stain or spot. Stubborn spots can require additional cleaning with mineral spirits, followed by cleaning with a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner.

Grease, Lipstick, Crayon, Ink Spots and Rubber Heel Marks

Apply a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner to a clean, soft cloth. Rub the area to remove the stain or spot. If stain remains, rub with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits and then clean the area with a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner.

Chewing Gum and Candle Wax

Apply a sealed plastic bag filled with ice on top of the deposit. Wait until deposit becomes brittle enough to crumble off.  After deposit has been removed, clean entire area with a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner.

Minor Abrasions and Scratches

Use a touch up kit in smaller areas.